A Few International eCommerce Platforms That You Can Count On

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A Few International eCommerce Platforms That You Can Count On

Did you know that there were over one billion people that have bought something online in the last two years? This number will probably be higher this 2019. So, if you have not considered using eCommerce as a business option until now, it’s the best time to do this. Today, most online businesses use eCommerce platforms to present and sell their products. Since you are targeting the global audience, you should look for international eCommerce platforms. You will notice a great selection of platforms out there, but the truth is that only a few of them have everything a business owner needs to build and manage an Internet-based store. Here are a few examples of platforms like this.


Volusion represents a hosted eCommerce platform which relies on cloud technology. It’s equipped with many features that users can access from the dashboard. In other words, they don’t have to buy add-ons, plugins or apps to improve their website’s functionality. From eBay and Amazon integration and smooth shipping management to reward programs and product management, Volusion has everything you need to manage an online store. You should definitely use the 14-day free trial period that Volusion offers at the moment.


We have another hosted eCommerce platform on this list and that’s Shopify. The latest reports have confirmed that this is the most used international eCommerce platform which is used mostly by small business owners. There are many great things related to this platform like the intuitiveness, the low cost, the high number of themes and templates and the fact that you can sell digital and physical goods once you build the store. In addition to the built-in features, you can get better results by using applications that can be downloaded at the special Shopify store.


Just like in the case of Shopify, users can sell digital and physical products if they choose 3dcart. This platform comes with a modern API for integration with a wide range of applications. It’s very simple and easy to sell things on social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook with 3dcart. In addition, this platform provides SEO tools and features that can help any new online store get better ranking in the search engine results. The good news is that they have a free trial period which lasts 14 days which is more than enough to try the features.

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